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The thing is, with the Superbowl it's all about getting not only the regular viewers but also the casual viewers. They want to keep breaking the viewership record for the game every year. I won't say games are rigged but I do think some things are manipulated in order to give certain teams the best chance to win.

As soon as Ray Ray announced his retirement and everyone started making a big to-do over it, I could see where things might be headed. And unless Brady pulls off a miracle, it looks like the NFL will get its storyline.
Cause Baltimore is such a populous place? If they wanted casual viewers they would make it a Peyton vs Eli superbowl. Send the teams with the biggest city markets. Come on Ray Lewis? half the country that will watch one NFL game all year doesn't know who he is.

It wasn't a ref conspiracy last week. It was a ref team that didnt work together with a head ref who's been out of football for a while recently due to health problems.
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