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Are you ****ing stupid? Broncos Oline ranked 2nd in the league by giving up only 21 sacks ALL YEAR. Giants 1st with 20 sacks. Your boy alone was sacked 33 times cause he was scared to throw and ran in circles. You get fact spooged on every one of your posts. Bashing a top ranked Oline. Go bash Arizonas Oline.
It was Peyton dinking and dunking all season that kept the defense off him in the regular season.. the gimmicks don't fly in the playoffs. Peyton runs a regular season offense. Tebow led the Broncos to the best run game in the NFL. That is what wins in the post season.

Tebow got sacked a lot because Fox ran the most predictable offense imaginable and forced Tebow to only pass down field. Fox wouldn't let Tebow open the offense like he did Peyton because the defense was so terrible and they didn't have Del Rio.
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