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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
So just days before the lockout, the wild spend almost 200mil on 2 players, then cry broke, now just days after the lockout, zajac and lupul both get contracts over 5 mil per year, good god, 8 years until the next lockout. Dont get me wrong, they are both nice players, and maybe with a 70 mil cap they may almost be worth 5 mil.

I had an arguement with scott hartnell ( or the person that reps him on facebook) about why a 60 point player should not get 4.5 mil a year, well thanks to these 2 signings i just lost argument, i mean lupuls got 60 points once, zajac has done it twice and they get a mil more than an overpaid hartnell.

That being said, the good news is the flyers have yet to give up a 5 on 5 goal, the bad news is they have given up 5 power play, 2 empty net, and 1 4 on 4 goals.
Exactly on the wild crying poor and then spending all the $$$; they need to stfu.

Also when someone like lupul gets 5 yrs at 5.25M per you expect fans not to be upset about the lockout.

It's complete bull ****, they keep spending but the cry every 5 years. **** off
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