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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
My NHL thoughts:


Locks to make playoffs: St Louis, Vancouver, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles
Bubble teams: Detroit, Calgary, Anaheim, Minnesota
Not making it: Edmonton, Columbus, Nashville, Dallas, Phoenix, Colorado


Locks: Rangers, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, New Jersey
Bubble teams: Washington, Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Carolina
Not making it: Toronto, Montreal, Islanders, Buffalo, Florida, Winnipeg

I think we will look back at this season and consider it a footnote in the history books, no significant records, no great play and poor playoffs. I think for a lot of teams it would be advantageous to not make the playoffs or lose quickly in round 1, the playoffs this year will go very long and they will want to begin next years season early to make room for the Olympic break, so teams going deep in the playoffs will have almost no summer and very little time to heal and rest.

My prediction is that at least one of the teams in the Stanley cup final this season will miss next seasons playoffs entirely and none of the teams in this years cup final will make it out of round 2 in next seasons playoffs.
Only thing I don't agree with here is in the EC. NJ Devils lost a lot and I think they miss.

I also am really skeptical of philly. The thing is, even if they aren't as good as years past, not many teams improved enough to knock them out of the top 8.

For sure: Rangers, Bruins, Pens

The other 5 will be any combination of Sens, Lightning, Canes, Caps, Sabres, Panthers, Devils, flyers

I see Isles, Jets, Canadiens and Leafs as having no chance at all.

i really have no clue which of those 5. I am not high on panthers, flyers, caps or devils this year.

I think sabres get back in this year so they probably replace devils from last year's top 8 and then it's a matter of who of panthers, flyers, and caps drops out. I don't believe sens will drop out.

So 4 potential new spots up for grabs IMO
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