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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Bad weather games are not very common around here. We typically get 40-50 degree weather with small cold snaps thrown in there from time to time.

In fact the average Broncos gameday temperature in December is in the 40s. Thats all time.

Last week was the coldest Broncos home playoff game in franchise history. Sucks that it went down like that. This isn't Green Bay or Buffalo. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.
If you can't play in cold weather games..there is no need to talk about SB or playoff victories..The QB or the team should play well irrespective of the weather.
That's the reason i couldn't believe when manning signed in Denver.
He was lucky to have a SB victory as he really struggles in cold weather games.

Hopefully, next year we have a better defense and Running back that doesn't keep getting injured.
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