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Default Executive of the Year: The difference will be the Power Handshake

ESPN's NFL Executive "award" - really just a poll of a few announcers - was given to the Seahawk's John Schneider narrowly over Elway. Sporting News gives the real award next week.

Difference is, as I see it, Schneider took over a 5-11 team, then went 7-9 back-to-back his first two. That's an incremental improvement really. This year's 11-5 speaks louder of course, but John took over a 4-12 team in complete chaos and won two straight division titles while restocking a barren roster. Schneider's restocked, too ... first draft netted Pro-Bowlers Russell Okung and Earl Thomas along with Golden Tate ... and in the 2012 draft Pro Bowl rookie QB Russell Wilson.

The Difference: Edge to Elway. He has a degree from Stanford Business School, and he KNOWs the power handshake.

Power handshake is not easy, in fact it's very difficult. You pull his hand into your gut, while pressing your left hand on his upper arm or shoulder to make distance. The result is an image of power and control. John does it quite well, and quite intentionally.

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