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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
Jackson has average 45 catches per season. You're catching **** because you're making stuff up. Jackson has been great out of the backfield.

Let's not forget Jackson has played against stacked fronts basically his entire career.
I don't care how many catches a back gets, I care what they do with them. Catch numbers for a back are often a result of being in a poor offense, which Jackson has been for his entire career save his rookie year. Do you think winners like Concussed Marc Bulger were throwing Jackson the rock because he was too good to ignore in space, or because they were bad quarterbacks?

I like the argument that Jackson faced "stacked boxes." I said compare his last couple years with Mcgahee's. I guess the ten in the box Willis faced last year doesn't count?

I'm not saying Jackson is terrible. I'm saying he's not much better than Mcgahee, and that they are the same type of player.
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