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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by go_broncos View Post
He is the greatest QB in regular season.
He never plays well in playoffs.
We need good RB(that doesn't get injured) and great defense.

One of the reasons we lost the game is losing moreno.
If he had played complete game..we would have won the game.
What you wrote above that I bolded... that Manning NEVER plays well in the playoffs is total BS my friend!

He has had many excellent playoff games .. not to mention Manning's utter destruction of us twice in the playoffs ... Oh and BTW he did win a SB and almost won another.

Manning has made some mistakes in playoff games as well ( as has nearly every QB who has played in any number of playoff games. But he rarely has had a complete team around him and a good number of his playoff INTs came in desparation time when he had to press to pull a rabbit out of his hat after his defense gave up as many or more points as they scored.

He only made one poor pass decision and pass in the game last week. Unfortunately but understandably it came in the 6th quarter of a knock down drag out game in sub zero wind chill weather when both teams were hanging on by a thread.

As disappointing as that was for us, and no doubt for Manning far more so, He had won that game for us fair and square .. alas that is if the combo of Fox and Moore had not snatched certain victory from the jaws of defeat!

Manning's career has been much like Elways prior to his last two years of glory. With Elways collosal frustrations shared by all of us at the time of him having the talent to drag a mediocre team deep into the playoffs or to the big game year after year, as has Manning, but until Elway had a truly complete and in sync team with a deep and battle tested Defense and a stud work horse RB .. as you rightly noted is a missing link for Manning so far ... Elway too was talked about just as you are dissing Manning now as well!

Keep it in prespective man! Our defense gave this game away ... the refs helped a lot and Foxy piled on .... Manning's INT at the end of the overtime almost had an inevitability about it like we were behind the eight ball from the moment it went into OT and we lost the coin toss jsut following the terrible late regulation decisions by Fox and the timeless **** up by Rahim Nightmare Dream's unforgivable blunder.

We had pretty much shot our wad and so had the Ravens by OT. But our team was still trying to recover some rhythm and with Knowshon gone and Ronnie only able to do speed back runs, it was one dimensional tough sledding in the late game freezing cold.

It should NEVER have come to that!

This year played out spookily close for Manning an the 2012 Broncos as 1996 did for Elway and those Broncos.

Both teams were good enough to win it all, but the 1996/2012 teams were both still a bit too overconfident going into the playoffs and both needed a little off-season tweaking and the bitter disappointment of their upsets to find the grit needed to dominate the league.

We are well on track to having a golden chance to have the next two years play out very close to what they did in '97 and '98! Whether they do or not will depend on shoring up the last few weak links we have on D in the secondary and middle LB as well as at RB to finish this job!

Its uncanny too that Elway is in the prime position to help make this happen, knowing just what it takes for a 37-38 year old HOF QB to finally get to the top of the mountain.

This crap that Manning NEVER plays well in the playoffs has got to stop!
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