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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Great realistic idea.

Originally Posted by cutthemdown
Then also we can say since its liberals who want to cool the earth they can pay all the extra for solar subsides. Then since conservatives like defense they can pay more tax for the military industrial complex. Uh oh though liberals wanted the healthcare plan you have to pay for all the poor people who need help buying coverage. Oooops and the food stamp welfare babies as well.
Now, now, let's not get carried away. The NRA thinks armed guards in schools will fix the problem. Let's have them show their civic responsibility and take on the task themselves.

Originally Posted by cutthemdown
Oh and they dont vet applicants because there is no reason. What threat can giving a person an NRA card be? Thats like saying I wonder if save the whales vets people who join up to make sure they are worthy.
When you're talking folks with firearms patrolling schools, yeah, you better check 'em out. I don't doubt there's a few NRA members and/or gun owners who are forbidden being around children. The NRA wouldn't want those folks in schools.
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