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Even though McGahee played he and Moreno were injured at the end of last season too.. McGahee fumbled preventing the Broncos from winning in regulation and Tebow still pulled it out in OT.. and this was against a team just as good if not better than the Ravens.

Peyton had 2 TDs gifted to him and gave up 3 turnovers - one of them a pick 6. He dinked and dunked all game, too. He shouldn't even have been in that game.. he was atrocious and physically he looked like a joke. The whole NFL is going hyper athletic and Peyton is as unathletic as you can imagine. If you had Beli with his genius offense around Peyton that might be different. But teams know Peyton's offense like the back of their hand when they put in the time to prepare for him in the post season.

You can say I am saying this because I am a Tebow fan but you forget there is a REASON I am a Tebow fan.. it's because he gives his team such an advantage with both his passing AND running... Peyton just illustrates why Tebow's abilities are so valuable in the NFL today. In an era when athleticism is at an all time high in value in the NFL at the QB position the Broncos gave up arguably the biggest athletic freak in NFL history for one of the most athletically challenged. The results just illustrate that.

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