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Originally Posted by MariusPontmercy View Post
I was a Seahawks/Texans can for the rest of the season.

Now I'm the biggest Falcons fan.
I don't have a horse in the race anymore, so I'm not a "fan" of
any team left.

I do think the NFL are "fans" of Flacco, Ryan and (not so much yet) Kaepernick, as they want new stars to put before the public. Brady
is the old "golden boy" and gets a home game, but the public is getting sick of seeing the Patriots every year, and new blood is needed to keep the league intersting.

The schedulers gave Ryan and the Falcons the advantage of having to face a west coast team in the "early" game. Then they gave NE the advantage of a late game, at home, which they have a great record at, but also may want Flacco to be one of the new "golden childs" of the AFC, so it will be interesting to see if the calls in this game are nearly as outrageous as last week. Plus the "aging warrior facing retirement" BS that the media is pumping up Ray "the knife" Lewis, and Ed Reed.

If there are penalty shenanigans today it will be evidence that the games are being manipulated. However, these games will be closely watched, and the league knows it. So it will probably be pretty closely officiated.

If not botched, I'm still mad about the terrible officiating last week in our game, but maybe it was just a horrible game for the officials. Somehow that crew should be penalised for their incompetence, and it would be good to see the league do something. But it will never be announced, even if it happens.
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