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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
I was responding to your comment:

Which was incorrect. The US military was very much in mind when the second amendment was drafted.

Several States also drafted language in 1776 and clarified it further.

The Founders saw standing armies in time of peace as 'dangerous to Liberty.'

We have not only allowed 'standing armies' in peace time, but built a military industrial complex that has become monolithic.
Sorry I was only trying to say by specific threat they didn't know exactly who might be the threat. Our own military, another country, or just for hunting and protection etc. I agree that our founders did not trust big govt with big armies.

My point was also more that know, in todays age, just because our guns would be useless against our modern military doesn't mean we no longer have a right to them, or a need. The founders wrote the constitution to be able to fit more then one scenario.

Good points though brit but im not saying i know what founders were thinking but I bet your right and they did feel maybe our own govt could become oppressive. Still most likely they felt the citizens my be needed to fight the British or French etc and they will need to be armed.
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