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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
I knew I was going to get **** for calling Jackson the same player as Willis, but he is. He's a little bigger, sure, but they're both older (Jackson is younger, but has WAY more miles on him), they have the same running style, neither is dynamic in the passing game. Remember, the Rams wanted to bench him this year. There was even talk of him being traded or possibly cut a couple weeks into the season. Where's his upside? Look at his numbers the last few years, and look at Willis' numbers last year and when he was healthy this year. Show me the difference. Willis has better numbers, in fact. I know, we're supposed to hate him because he "developed a fumbling habit"--that's nonsense, random numbers are random. Willis does not have a fumbling history, he just happened to have a poor stretch for us this year. Things happen. Probably the same people who want to cut Champ. To say that Jackson is "better suited to our offense" is to say what, exactly? Why is he better suited? Because of all those dominant up-tempo offenses he's played in?
Jackson has average 45 catches per season. You're catching **** because you're making stuff up. Jackson has been great out of the backfield.

Let's not forget Jackson has played against stacked fronts basically his entire career.
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