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As difficult as it was for our forefathers to predict a couple hundred years into the future it's not easy for us to predict what our future looks like 10, 20, 50 years from now.

If the current couple thousand year trend continues the holy war will continue. Americas entanglement will continue to worsen and who knows. Perhaps the holy war does spread onto our soil. Not in a conventional war but more than likely an internal threat. Maybe just maybe we will need our high capacity clips and assault rifles.

Hell for that matter property/our country is already under assault along the borders. Our Federal government is so concerned about making things safe yet criminals are walking right through every damn day virtually unchallenged. It's a disgrace that our federal government is turning a blind eye.

I've mentioned my friend a who works under Obama a lot lately but it is some true inside perspective. I asked him about Obamas policy regarding the border. He responded "He's a city guy, we don't even visit the border, and it's frustrating." Obama doesn't even have the balls to visit AZ, Texas. His concern the last few years was votes and we all know where he spent his time.

Forget the future. I need high capacity clips right now to protect my land from prairie dogs! As soon as your burn through a dozen or so rounds they get gun shy. Better to get a few dozen shots off quickly!

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