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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
I don't understand this view. Peyton had everything go perfect for him and he still tanked. He had 2 touchdowns gifted 2 him and he still lost in horrific fashion. It's strange to me that people haven't pointed out how bad Peyton was.

And he isn't getting any younger. I think the playoffs shows the real Peyton. It shows how much he has aged. The regular season is fool's gold. This was where Elway really blew it because he's viewing it like his era. It isn't his era. There's no place for older Qbs in the league right now unless you are Brady and have Belichick on your side... even then I think Brady's days are numbered. If Brady comes up short again you think he is going to want to risk tarnishing his legacy even more?

Manning did not LOSE this game in "horrific fashion". He had the game sewed up and won doing more then enough in the coldest weather ever in a Denver play off game. He also didnt have our 2nd string starting RB in the second half and still we had a 7 point lead with 1:09 left in the game.

The Bronco secondary and specifically Carter to some degree and Rahim the 'Nightmare' Dream as the major goat of the game joined side by side with Coach Fox with his two very poor shrinking violet backpedaling decisions in the last 3 minutes of the game that set the stage for and allowed Rahim his 15 seconds of infamy to begin with are what lost this game!

Take away any one of this unlikely scenarios and Peyton is suiting up today for the AFC Championship.

And that is not even taking into account the one-sided hatchet job on us by the Refs in one of the very worse and most unbalanced examples of playoff officiating in the history of the NFL ....

So your target on Manning's back is misguided and obviously self serving.

We all know your lips are glued to Tebow's Oscar Meyer but get a grip man! Oh yeah, I forgot this an Alien conspiracy fruitcake level assessment. Sorry .. never mind and carry on with your Sci Fi story.

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