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I knew I was going to get **** for calling Jackson the same player as Willis, but he is. He's a little bigger, sure, but they're both older (Jackson is younger, but has WAY more miles on him), they have the same running style, neither is dynamic in the passing game.
Jackson is one of the best receiving backs in the league. How many others have a 90 catch season under their belts?

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Because we get him for a year and then hace to get a new back. If we are on the hunt for one, draft fresh legs and move on.
Between Moreno and Hillman, Denver has 4 fresh legs. It's not another young RB who needs to learn the NFL ropes Denver needs. It's a dynamic, pass-catching bruiser like Jackson. As for Jackson lasting 1 year, that's kind of the point. Rotational RB is a short-term position as it is. Fill that need via FA and attempt to get the long-term Mike LB, interior OL, interior DL, and CB via the draft.

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