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The more I remember Pro Wrestling.

Is anyone REALLY surprised that that game was edged in Baltimore's favor? Or that Manning coming off an injury was scheduled to play all of his big matchups at the beginning of the Season (in case he got hurt possibly?) or other intricacies that seem to unfold, almost like they're scripted?

Of course the whole thing isn't (no way everyone could be in on it, and not discounting the work these guys do), but really you only need a holding call here or there to change the ENTIRE NFL SEASON, for example, the fake one on the dive play.

The more I watch, the more I see the "storylines" and the more I compare how games go and pivotal officiating calls to Vegas' lines. I just can't help but wonder.
Such a large number of the calls were on key 3rd downs as well. The phantom hold on the Hester 1st down run on 3rd and 1 raelly illustrates it considering the flag is thrown by a ref well after Hester was down with an obvious 1st that extended the drive--by a ref who was completely out of the play.

The 3rd down flags came whether the Broncos were on O or D. The NFL is going the way to the nba, which is a stone's throw away from pro wrestling. Still so pissed and it's a full week later.
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