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Default Offical No Game today thread because we frickin' blew it

I can't shake the feeling we should be playing today for a Championship. Would have been glorious. Sucks.


For some reason I am rooting for the Harbaugh bowl even though they are douches. I can't stomach a Patriot Super Bowl.

I feel like we are going to have to get demonstrably better to completely dominate in order to get back to having the same opportunity. How do we do that?

Should we go for Vets on offense? I have seen talk of drafting a speedy slot receiver. What if he is one of those rookies that takes a couple of years to "get it"? We only have a couple of years.

Should we do something like:

Free Agents
Donnie Avery WR
Brandon Moore G (how much do you think he will command?)
Steven Jackson RB (if we have the balls to go all in)

and then go MLB, DT and CB/S In the draft?

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