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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post get the Patriots at home for the AFC Championship game
THIS! Also to re-play the Balt NE AFCCG from last year, which had some
problematic calls also.

Does anyone else think it is a little funny that NE-Balt is the late game
today, while SF has to travel from the west coast and play the EARLY game at Atlanta? Who made that decision? It is well known that traveling east and playing early games puts west coast teams at somewhat of a disadvantage. Yet the two east coast teams in the AFC get the late game , while Atlanta
( also east coast) gets a west coast team early.

While I don't think the games are truly fixed, I am leaning more and more in the direction that the league has preferences as to who they would like to see in the super bowl and is not above giving certain teams preferential treatment as far as scheduling.

I will be watching these games closely to see if the Officating crews are even handed or not.

I suspect that Atlanta and Baltimore might get more favorable calls.

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