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This was by far the most frustrating Broncos playoff loss. Why? Here's why:

* You have Peyton Manning as your QB, who's having an MVP type year

* A punt return for a TD and a kick return for a TD - 14 points from ST's

* #1 seed - homefield throughout the playoffs

* #2 ranked defense

....and honestly, if these 2 teams played 10 games in a row, the Broncos win 9 of those games. It had to be the perfect storm for the Ravens to win. The Ravens needed so many things to go their way to win (the calls, the weather, the Broncos mistakes they don't make 95% of the time).
I don't understand this view. Peyton had everything go perfect for him and he still tanked. He had 2 touchdowns gifted 2 him and he still lost in horrific fashion. It's strange to me that people haven't pointed out how bad Peyton was.

And he isn't getting any younger. I think the playoffs shows the real Peyton. It shows how much he has aged. The regular season is fool's gold. This was where Elway really blew it because he's viewing it like his era. It isn't his era. There's no place for older Qbs in the league right now unless you are Brady and have Belichick on your side... even then I think Brady's days are numbered. If Brady comes up short again you think he is going to want to risk tarnishing his legacy even more?
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