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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
As I've said before, I enjoy my 2nd amendment rights more than 99.9% of the chicken hawks on this board. I probably own more fireams, do my own reloading, have a concealed carry permit, am hunter, etc.

I'm just not idiotic enough to think my rights are unlimited (or that they should be unlimited) or that there is any legit purpose, whatsoever, for me to posses firearms which have primarily an offensive purpose (i.e. assault rifles, grenade launchers, etc.)
As i was saying just because you think you know everything a gun is supposed to be owned for doesn't make it so. No one is saying anything should be unlimited. We have tons of gun laws already is what we are saying. Trying to make a rifle illegal because they design the stock to look military and put a piston grip on it is a joke. How does that make anyone safer? I'm stuck in CA with a 10 clip limit. If a state wants to make that law fine but this isn't for the feds to decide. What people in Alaska need and what people in CA need might not be the same. Why can't people understand the value of states rights in situations like this?

Also your whole statement is a joke. Weapons are defensive and offensive based on how they are used. Even anti aircraft guns are sometimes turned not at the sky but at people or troops. What was designed as a defensive weapon now is offensive. Then you say there isn't a legitmate purpose to assault rifles? BS the purpose is whatever the user decides within law he wants to use it for. Even just outright recreation and target shooting is completely legitmate.
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