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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
*I never said he got it from the shot, I said shortly after getting the shot he was sick, maybe he just has really bad timing, I dont care, he gets the shot, he gets sick, I dont get the shot, i dont get sick. why mess with something thats working.
You're still implying the flu shot was a contributory factor to his infection. getting a flu shot will NOT increase your chances of getting the flu (i.e. "messing with something that's working)".

*if you keep putting shots out it will keep evolving, while trying to help we are actually hurting people by doing this.
Actually the opposite is true. The fewer hosts the virus has, the fewer replications of the virus occur, thus fewer mutations. Viruses being destroyed by an immune system are not comparable to bacteria being killed by an anti-biotic. Whether you get a flu shot or not, your body will be fighting that virus off. All a vaccine does it help your body identify a virus and quickly eliminate it rather than allowing the virus to multiply freely.

*This last case, this year, was the flu, which led to pneumonia, but yeah his doctors a probably wrong, you must be right, it couldnt have been the flu.
You know very well I was speaking in generalities, don't get your panties in a bunch.
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