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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Flash was a health issue. he couldn't stay in Colorado, it was threatening his life.
Stewart is lazy as **** and while i hated losing Shattenkirk the value we got on that trade was insane.
Mueller should still be an Av.
Wolski is never consistent so he's a non starter.
Winnik wanted way more money than he's worth and the traded netted us McGinn and prospects.
Anderson caught a yeast infection about his contract and quit on the team.
i'll take Varly over him any day.
Wolski for Mueller in hind sight was a bad trade. I thought Wolski was playing his best hockey when we traded him. Now we don't have either one. I like Johnson he came on strong the last half of last year. I liked Winnik but like McGinn more. Avs keep being cheap asses and they'll end up losing O'Rielly. I was pointing former Avs players playing well after leaving...saying Sacco is not getting the best out of the players. It's frustrating...
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