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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Ugh...same ole Avs. As I watch former Avs players lighting up score sheets across the league. Wtf does the Avs organization see in Sucko Its clearly the coaching yet they signed him to an extension...if we some how make the playoffs i'll be shocked!

Chris Stewart 2 goals
Shattenkirk 2 assists
Fleischmann 1 assist
Mueller 1 assist
Wolski 1 goal 1 assist
Winnik 2 goals
Anderson 1 ga 96.4 save%
Flash was a health issue. he couldn't stay in Colorado, it was threatening his life.
Stewart is lazy as **** and while i hated losing Shattenkirk the value we got on that trade was insane.
Mueller should still be an Av.
Wolski is never consistent so he's a non starter.
Winnik wanted way more money than he's worth and the traded netted us McGinn and prospects.
Anderson caught a yeast infection about his contract and quit on the team.
i'll take Varly over him any day.
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