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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
* You can't get the flu from a flu shot.
* On average, a flu shot is only 60% effective, due primarily to the fact that there are hundreds or more strains of the flu (and more evolving all the time)
* Pretty much any illness that causes flu like systems people call "the flu", whether or not they are actually suffering from an infect of the influenza virus.

*I never said he got it from the shot, I said shortly after getting the shot he was sick, maybe he just has really bad timing, I dont care, he gets the shot, he gets sick, I dont get the shot, i dont get sick. why mess with something thats working.

*if you keep putting shots out it will keep evolving, while trying to help we are actually hurting people by doing this.

*This last case, this year, was the flu, which led to pneumonia, but yeah his doctors a probably wrong, you must be right, it couldnt have been the flu.
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