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Quentin Jammer

My grandma (not the one that passed, this one is still with us) use to be married to a pro wrestler, and travel with him. Long before i was born. Ken Lucas was his name. She talks about him sometimes, when my grandpa isn't around.

Of course he let her in on the, at the time, closely guarded secret that wrestling is/was fake. However, what drives me insane is the fact that he also told her that all pro sports are fake. I have argued with her so much about it. When we go to a casino in Laughlin or Vegas to gamble, I ask her to show me where it is that I can bet on the next pro wrestling match. She just will not ever stop. Last year it was "yeah that Tebow is great. They keep letting him win, maybe they'll let him win the Super Bowl this year."

She thought last week was the NFL trying to make money on all the gamblers betting on the broncos. She actually thought that Jacoby Jones, Rahim Moore, and Joe Flacco faked what they did. Please don't feed into my sweet old grandma's tinfoil hat conspiracies. The league wanted Manning/Brady. Probably also wanted Green Bay/Atlanta. The league is kinda pissy right now.

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