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I dont get flu shots, started out that i just dont go seek medical attention so didnt get one, but then i noticed that the people who got the shots, seemed to spend the most time off sick, i swear flu shot people are worse than ex smokers, or cyclists, with the holier than tho attitude.

My neighbour is the worst one, both him and his wife gave me **** for not getting the shot the week they got theirs, 2 weeks later when i next saw him, after his bought with pneumonia i asked how that flu shot was working for him, he said its the 3rd time in the last 4 years hes gotten sick within 2 weeks of getting his shot.

Yup ill be rushing to get my shot, i dont care if it works great for 99% of the people that get it, of the people iknow that get it, 75% have gotten the flu that season.
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