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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
Reasons we lost the game:

1. The secondary
2. Peyton Manning
3. No pass rush
4. Coaching (ex:Not involving D. Thomas more, playcalling etc.)
5. Refs

If only 3-4 of the above were the issue, we would have won. But, with all that stacked against you...forget about it.

The Refs really killed us with the PI calls. The one against Decker was obvious and hurt us bad (see gladiator...spike to the kidney). The calls against Champ and Carter were terrible. And the no call against Baltimore for leg whipping Thomas was outrageous! Thomas was at the 5 and would have scored...the guy falls, and leg whips Thomas and no call is made...even the announcers chose to ignore it.

The reason you don't hear anyone talking about the because the officials are the NFL! And, the NFL doesn't allow you to talk negatively about the officials. If you do get fined. And Peria is loyal to the Refs...and covers for them each and every week!
Putting Manning as TWO on that list is ****ing absurd. In regulation, 100+ rating, 3tds, good fourth quarter drive. And his two turnovers shouldn't have ever been turnovers. But yes, he was number 2. Sure.
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