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2nd or 3rd. Like I said before odds are Wolfe was always meant to be played inside just injuries forced him to be played on the outside as well. I don't know why you keep saying he is too small to play inside as well. He is 300 pounds right now and I bet he is closer to 310 next year. Goodman, Wolfe, (Knigton, Williams or Vickerson) and Doom. I know we run with 3 DT's on the DL though right?

We could get Elam in the first round, Short or Sylvester Williams in the second, then Goodman in the thrid we would have a good young D. I'm still thinking we get Smith to play MLB or possibly convince Urlacher on the idea of getting a ring.

The more I read about Conner Vernon WR from Duke the more he is going to be a Broncos. 4th or 5th round grade from him.
I'm not against Wolfe playing inside, I am against it at his current weight, I would prefer see him add 15 pounds. I have no issue taking a DE, but.. my question is do we keep the scheme the same? If so I actually like Wolfe at DE, and prefer have the options behind him that we do for pass rushing downs.

Beal was highly rated coming out of Oklahoma, Ayers as well and he has shown improvement and quality in the rotation. Jackson could play the Wolfe role
and Hunter could be retained as he was projected to start. So that's 4 DEs there not counting Doom and Wolfe.. If we do go DE, I would like Oakfor because of how complete he is.. But there are lots of options at DE and I don't think we address it in the draft.

If we change the scheme, and use a Beal, Hunter, Ayers, or draft pick at DE, we would need to compensate with a big disruptive NT and a more downhill, physical MLB.
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