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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
What round is he projected? Do you play Wolfe inside then?
2nd or 3rd. Like I said before odds are Wolfe was always meant to be played inside just injuries forced him to be played on the outside as well. I don't know why you keep saying he is too small to play inside as well. He is 300 pounds right now and I bet he is closer to 310 next year. Goodman, Wolfe, (Knigton, Williams or Vickerson) and Doom. I know we run with 3 DT's on the DL though right?

We could get Elam in the first round, Short or Sylvester Williams in the second, then Goodman in the thrid we would have a good young D. I'm still thinking we get Smith to play MLB or possibly convince Urlacher on the idea of getting a ring.

The more I read about Conner Vernon WR from Duke the more he is going to be a Broncos. 4th or 5th round grade from him.
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