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Lol press is a malleable term.
So is Militia.

Not that it matters, because it wasn't written to mean what you say it does.

Self delusion? It says it right in the amendment.
It's a prefatory clause that only forwards a rationale for the individual right. It was clearly meant that way by those who wrote it, and interpreted that way all the up until the progressive era when a certain breed of progressive started finding creative ways to try to subvert the established constitutional order.

Plus that was a document that was designed for a life much different than our current one. If you want a shotgun to shoot a deer, fine I don't care. If you want a pistol to protect your house, I don't care. I don't see why you need military grade weapons. The root of this problem is America's Ancient Greek like obsession with equating strength and power with violence. We are epically proud of our wars and basically pray to our military strength. Hell, listen to our national anthem
Basically see above. Just because you don't like what you perceive your country to be doesn't give you the right to start changing the rules mid-game. If you don't like it, work to amend the constitution. Dis-interpreting the Constitution the way you do does the whole document harm, not just the parts you personally don't like.

But don't worry Beavis, the anti gun people lost this argument a long time ago. All you crazy people will get to keep your bull****
Like I've said, I don't own anything anyone would plan on banning anytime in the near future. My largest objection is with people happy to watch the undermining of the clear intent of Constitution in order to see their own personal wishlist fulfilled. When you undermine the Constitution simply because it's too hard to legitimately amend to your liking, you're undoing the bonds that tie the country together.

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