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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
It also says freedom of the press even though most media doesn't use presses anymore. So I guess the media is controllable by the government so long as using a press isn't involved.

Your selective reinterpretation of the Constitution in effect renders it null and void. Read more into the ratification debates and the federalist papers. This idea that the 2nd Amendment was only for militias is pure gleeful self-delusion. Of the kind that could be used to tear down the Bill of Rights completely.
Lol press is a malleable term. Self delusion? It says it right in the amendment. Plus that was a document that was designed for a life much different than our current one. If you want a shotgun to shoot a deer, fine I don't care. If you want a pistol to protect your house, I don't care. I don't see why you need military grade weapons. The root of this problem is America's Ancient Greek like obsession with equating strength and power with violence. We are epically proud of our wars and basically pray to our military strength. Hell, listen to our national anthem

But don't worry Beavis, the anti gun people lost this argument a long time ago. All you crazy people will get to keep your bull****
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