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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Harsh... When should we be expecting one from you?
Likely after Senior Bowl week.

Problems with this draft in a more constructive manner:

First -- From a personal standpoint, it is hard to imagine Williams being the BPA for this team @ 28. This guy is a solid player, but I think we have the potential for more impact at our selection than him. Personal preference would be different, but I don't see that guy as a Top 32 value in this draft. There will be better players on board.

Second -- Haven't seen MG of the Gators higher than a third round pick in any mock, and those third round mocks were few and far between because you are going to find way better players than him available. I think CBS Sportsline has the highest ranking of him that I've seen.

If the Broncos are going to go for a back in the second round, he needs to offer something different than what we already have. I already saw Ciatrick Fason **** the bed in Minnesota, I don't want a Gator back here. IMO, another guy who bounces it outside, cannot pass protect and shows flashes as a receiver isn't really what we need or would be looking for. We already have Hillman, who is already going to have one year underneath his belt and is younger than most these guys coming in already.

If I'm looking to add a back, it is a guy like Le'Veon Bell who can pound it. I don't think he makes it to our third rounder so at the end of the second, he would probably be one of the better RB available. I think Joseph Randle can be a good pro too. I think Stepfan Taylor at the end of the third is a good value at this point in time and would make pretty decent backfield. Lattimore was my man until he blew his leg off, would be interesting to see where teams consider taking him. There are other guys I'm interested in, but nobody particularly high outside Bell.

I expect McGahee, Moreno and Hillman to all be back, but another selection is necessary at some point in time due to Willis age, Moreno's contract post-2013 and the fact that we need to get Lance Ball off the damn team.

Third -- Bailey and Robinson is interesting back to back, but double kill in my opinion. Fun as sh*t to watch, but if Ziggy believes those two guys would bring the team the most impact at those selections, I can't necessarily disagree with him. Last two picks can't be too picky about. All relatively early, but I just think there is a lot of value lost in this draft and I would prefer other people.

But hey, at least people are talking the draft.

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