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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
Another huge overeaction to one game.

Bailey/Harris/Carter were one of the best 3 combo of CB's in the NFL last year and aside from Carter's game against Alexander all 3 had superb regular seasons. Champ played at an all-pro level and played 17 games in single coverage with no safety help whatsoever. Sure he had a bad game against the Ravens but in truth who the hell didn't have a bad game

The Broncos have 4 corners currently on the roster who will all be back next year and whilst it will be a need in terms of replacing Bailey long-term, it will be nowhere near the dire need you think it is as compared to MLB, DT or SS.
Champ would be the best SS in the NFL, and could play there until Manning retires. That's the main benefit to moving him.

He can no longer guard elite WR's in single-man he would have greater value to the team in the middle of the field, where he would be involved in nearly every play. Then sign an FA CB...two birds with one stone. Then you have the resources to draft whoever you want in the 1st round (MLB/DT/OL...whoever). Problems solved.
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