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Bmore Manning

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Is SS really as big of a need as FS? I think Mike Adams is a much better fit at FS, he could force Moore to have to earn his playing time opportunities. Or we could draft a FS to replace Moore atop the depth chart and leave Adams at SS and hope Carter comes back healthy and is the long term answer.

We could quiet honestly really use an upgrade at both safety positions...

As far as the DBs are concerned, Tony Carter is no stud. He should really just be a depth corner. And as much as we all like the play of Harris it would be great if he was our NCB. As I said about Champ, he should stay at CB but he should go against possession receivers and opposing safety valves for the other team, whether that's a possession receiver, TE, or slot WR. His smarts and skill set would overwhelm these security blankets.

I would ask him to take a pay cut in being our #2 CB and I would upgrade through FA. I really like Lewis and Toller as young, affordable, and impact full players to be brought in. That also allows way more time and flexibility to address CB via the draft.
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