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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
love champ but he has lost a step or two..duh. he got burnt and embarrased on the biggest game of his career. after all his being "too proud to play saftey" crap. if he doesnt move to saftey he should retire. bailey? deion sanders? gimme Louis Wright any and everyday. and twice on sundays
why are you so stupid?

should every corner who gets burned on TWO ROUTES over the course of A SEASON "move to safety" or retire? boo-hoo, Champ isn't as fast as Torrey Smith. how many corners in the NFL are? a handful? if you're lucky? what were your feelings on Champ Bailey two weeks ago?

here, this should be amusing: what would moving to safety do, specifically? tell me something that you know about football that you didn't read in a newspaper.

(here's one for you: Champ was expecting inside help on the first TD. he didn't get it. go watch the play.)
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