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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Rivers needs a WR like Jackson. A WR that answer his prayers. But seriously, I hated how Rivers would usually throw a desperate ugly long pass only to see Jackson snatch it. He missed Jackson, and any SD fan that still thinks they have a similar player in Meechum (or however you write it) is loco.

Yo guys really need talent a the skill position. Floyd is the only descent WR you guys have. Eddie Royal is not the player we or you guys thought to be. And Meechum or whatever is a one trick pony. The long ball. Only difference, he has to be wide open because he lacks the ability to go up and fight for the ball. And as for Gates, I really think he is in his last legs. I think the injuries have taken it's toll.

And lets not even talk about him not being the same since Sproles left. Him checking down to sproles and getting huge gains while people acted like Rivers had just made the best play,... no, that was all Sproles buddy!

Rivers needs way more help than OL. I would not be surprised going for a QB in the mid rounds for grooming. Even taking one high in the draft in the next 2 years.
Except that he did fine without Jackson in 2010. Rivers doesn't need a great line or even a good line. He just needs decent line and he can do well. If he can step up in the pocket then guys like Alexander and Floyd become more dangerous.
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