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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
1. Your guy in Alaska needs to include it in the cost of the gun.
2. Federal law reigns supreme over state laws,don't like it,too ****ing bad.
3. It isn't a big city problem it's an American problem.

Exactly more big DC politics making things more expensive for Americans.

I know once a federal law passed it trumps all which is why we have to fight big govt at the federal level.

if you don't see a difference between rural America and the big cities you are out of touch. No way we need the same gun laws for NYC that a place like Alaska or Montana need. Thats why its better to let the states handle background checks or what clip size people can have. The feds just make whatever gun needs to be illegal everywhere illegal. That type of gun is anything fully automatic and nothing more. But saying i can't have a 30 round clip in my .22 semi auto is pretty lame. I happen to live in CA so you can only have 10 but if I moved to Montana I would expect new laws that reflect where i live. Not laws made by Obama while he plays golf with a bunch of advisors trying to figure out how to keep the focus off how crappy he has handled the economy. Wasting time on gun control when they need to be cutting spending and doing a budget is exactly what Obama wants.
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