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Originally Posted by LetsGoBroncos View Post
You aren't getting it. A 2 yard catch would have ran 40 seconds off the clock and after Prater misses the FG Baltimore wouldn't have scored the TD. The refs also don't usually call holding on a third and one up the middle but they did
I'M GETTING IT. I'm just not blaming them for not calling it.

And yes, the 3rd and 1 call was absurd, I agree, but thats apples and oranges in this case.

I understand that the 40 seconds might have made a difference, but this odd possibility isn't reason to call, what i consider, a bull**** penalty at the time. It's sort of like when referee's guesstimate spots on first and second down, but then pull out chains to see if a ball is within an eighth of an inch of the sticks on 4th. There are soooo many other worthy penalties to rightly b**** about. To me, that's not one.
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