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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
So in other words something that would not have stopped any of the recent mass shootings that spurred the whole issue of gun control in the first place. Typical big govt BS then that in the end does nothing.

But hey i heard Obama is giving 10 million for some scientists can at the CDC can study guns. So at least some people get a job out of it eh?
It is retarded. It's clear what we need to do to protect our schools. The good guys with the guns just need to react quicker and waste these lunatics faster. It's that simple. Defining who the good guys are with the guns is another story.

Went to a neighborhood community meeting on stopping violence today in Denver. Obviously the big topic was guns. The police were realistic and brutally honest. They said they can't always get to incidents fast enough and recommended people educate themselves and I didn't know this but they offer citizen police training. 14 weeks. They teach people laws, you get to ride with cops, and they even train you to shoot safely and effectively.

Bottom line. The cops in Denver are ready to train more good guys with guns and that means YOU.

You guys wasting your time yapping about gun control go ahead. When some a-hole forces his way into your home and attacks your wife or daughter go ahead and try to save them with your laptop. I'm blowing their mother ****ing head off.

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