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Labeling just shields you from facing the truth that the world can no longer sustain the lifestyles of the uber-rich, and it is suicide to try and continue to do so. It's a form of denial. Pathetic, really.
This is a total non-sequitur. There aren't even nearly that many "uber-rich" to remotely assert that their lifestyles are straining the world. This is just out there. What are you talking about?

Who am I labeling? If it's "labeling" to call someone who ideologically lifts from Marxism and hangs out with them in their conferences, then it is with someone who does the same with the Nazis.

In other words, the economy would be rolling along just fine if not for these greedy bastards hiding their wealth.
I've had liberals call me a liar when I say people will just hide their money.
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