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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
What are the contract demands...

I would cut McGahee and Moreno to free up almost $5 million in cap space for him!

Then draft Lattimore knowing he can rehab and eventually take over that role. And Hillman is your change of pace back.
Isn't Moreno really cheap to keep next year?

He's no superstar but we saw this year that he's a good fit for the offense. Having good depth at RB is always useful, and Moreno can play some WR too. I hope he's not the starter next year, but as depth we'll struggle to do much better.

Jackson, Moreno, Hillman would be decent, we could draft Lattimore then and stash him on IR for the year and then hopefully he'd be able to take Moreno's roster spot in 2014.

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