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Yes, it was. And while officiating was not the reason why we lost (too many mistakes and missed opportunities was), it's still incorrect to say that officiating was good... or even just "ok"... 'cause it wasn't.
How can anyone say this, especially after what she said before? Dumb. The game went into over time. Denver yielded 2 massive plays that swung the game and were both a result of bad calls. 1. They obviously missed that PI call against Decker. 2. They flubbed the call against Carter on the play before Champ got used the first time.

Yes, Denver got some calls but none of them resulted in points the same way they did for Baltimore. And this was a game that went to double OT mind you. It's laughable to try to make the claim that a disparity in bad calls didn't make a difference.

Having said that, I don't want to complain about this for the rest of my life. Because, quite simply, no one cares. It's over. What's done is done. But if Im going to be honest about it, yeah, there were some really bad calls that didn't come close to evening out. And, oh yeah, Pereira is a suck as cheesdick that has no business being on TV.

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