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"I'm told future Hall of Fame corner Champ Bailey remains despondent -- a word used to describe him by a source -- over getting torched by Baltimore's Torrey Smith. There are some people (including me) that practically worship Bailey and were utterly stunned at how easily he was getting beat. It was as if someone flipped a switch and he was suddenly old.

Some people will claim they saw this coming but anyone who does isn't being truthful. I spoke to Bailey extensively this past summer, as well as teammates, and there was no hint of a drop-off.

So what does Bailey do now? Bailey is a 12-time Pro Bowler and lock for the Hall, but -- at least for the moment -- I'm told he has no immediate plans to retire"
When youre old, the cold weather is less forgiving. The joints and muscles don't react as well. Maybe this explains (to some degree) why Champ looked so bad.

But yeah, he blew it. And yes, it will affect his place.
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