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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Oh yeah I know Ranke -- of the so called CIT -- the citizens investigating team --

I repudiate all of this claims. Nonsense. The radar data from 9/11 -- presented in my book -- proves the two E-4Bs were in the skies over DC during the 9/11 attack. The E-4B is the world's most advanced command and control plane. We still do not know what the E-4Bs were doing there -- but they were definitely there.

In the last two years CIT has been widely discredited by reputable 9/11 investigators. Not only by me -- but by many others. Check around. CIT had some influence 3-4 years ago -- but no longer. Today people ignore them.

I can personally say that CIT was the most divisive force I have encountered in the years I have been researching 9/11. Ranke's primary mission in life is apparently to turn people against one another. This is why some have speculated he is an agent provocateur -- Don't know, can't prove it. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

I suggest you do your own research -- instead of posting whatever strikes your fancy in the moment.

Reputable?? You?? Gaffney, you're a con-man, a liar and a leach.

As a historian, you're clueless, sloppy with the facts with an eccentric view of history. French??

As a 'scientific' commentator, you don't have the knowledge of a schoolboy, yet boast about your claims otherwise.

Basically, you're delusional and a sick puppy making money from 911 by spouting nonsense.

When even the Troofers think you're a fraud and a liar because your claims are demonstrably fake, you've reached rock bottom.

Stop digging!
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