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Wesley Woodyard

Are the Broncos playing or practicing? Well they should be. Those buttheads have a lot of friggin work to do.

I've got no authority on anything and am just bitterly posting around this place. Ignore me and carry on with your valid inquiry. Personally, I think you should start a new thread about headphones so I can post in it about how the Broncos need to make sure their headphones are working next year and they can clearly hear the call is to throw the ball and not kneel on it.

I mean, what the hell happened:

Fox: "Throw it Peyton."
Peyton: "What?!?! Blow it?!?!"
Fox: "Yeah throw it, you know the deal."
Peyton: "Blow it, I know to kneel."
Fox: "Right"
Peyton: "Seems dumb, but ok coach."

Wireless headphones seem like a perfectly acceptable topic.
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