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Typical. I point out why you have no ****ing clue what you are talking about, and all you can retort with is bullsh*t posturing.

The FCC functions both as a spectrum steward and a censoring organization. Their censorship role is extremely limited, and NOT based on the ownership of the medium.
OK, genius. So why can't the FCC touch cable?

The FCC's regulatory powers extend only to over-the-air broadcasters, who transmit their programs via the publicly owned spectrum. In order to obtain the FCC's permission to use slivers of that spectrum, broadcasters agree to abide by the commission's rules, which include indecency standards. Cable, on the other hand, travels to American homes via privately built and maintained hardware. (The same goes for satellite services like the DISH Network, whose orbiting hardware is privately launched.) So, cable channels needn't strike a bargain with the FCC in order to operate.

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