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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
That's what FA & the draft is for. KC runs a 3-4 & they don't have a monster NT. You act as if the entire scheme depends on having "elite" NT. I'm not saying NT isn't important but it is not the most essential part of the scheme.
the Chiefs LB's are pretty damn good as a unit though. plus Poe played pretty well as the season progressed. we also don't have a Eric Berry.

the problems we had before when playing the 3-4 are the same now as they were then. we don't have guys who can swallow up blocks and allow the LB's/DE's to make plays. we have a suspect secondary and outside of Ayers no real DE who can anchor the end to hold the run game in check.
Wolfe is still learning, Doom is ok against the run but not ideal in a 3-4.
the personnel we have is fit for a 4-3 and while we can run a hybrid front at times we can't run a 3-4 as a the base without overhauling the DL and LB positions.

also, Elway likes the draft to improve, look at the DT's we've passed on in FA.
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