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I like it. Gase brings some fresh insight to the table. McCoy was already educated in Fox's ultra-conservative offense when they were together in Carolina and he was never allowed to really get involved with McDaniels, so the conservatism when he finally got the reigns wasn't surprising.

Gase started out in the college ranks under Saban, then worked with Mariucci in Detroit (the only time Jon Kitna looked like a serviceable QB was with Gase at QB coach), and then had a nice track record here with us as WR coach. He clearly understands multiple layers of NFL offenses and has a more pass oriented background than McCoy, which is where this team needs to go.

Hopefully he incorporates some west coast elements (RB screens!) and more vertical passing into the offense. The former would help open up the middle of the field for our running game, the later is a valuable home run tool any team with Thomas and Decker should be looking to exploit.
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