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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
The folks who take the time to read my articles and books beg to differ with you.
How about your fellow troofers who reviewed in detail your 'book' "The 9/11 Mystery Plane & the Vanishing of America" and differed with you and your so called 'research'?

So he has, in essence, admitted that both of his most relevant conclusions regarding the E4B proving a deception on 9/11 were completely faulty.

Although this would seem to be an unfortunate situation for an honest researcher who simply found out he was wrong and admitted it, this review will reveal how even the evidence he presents in the book clearly demonstrates the E4B was in the air after the attack and that Mark Gaffney had no legitimate reason to not understand this as he wrote it.
I pointed Mark to the new evidence and requested that he review it and release an addendum addressing the fact that Farmer's "Afterword" was deliberately based on a proven false notion. Mark refused to take responsibility for the false information in his book and instead, as expected, pushed this burden off on Farmer by replying, "If you don't like Farmer's Afterword, take it up with him. It's his research. He wrote it."

This is particularly ironic given the fact that in the beginning of Gaffney's book, under the "Acknowledgments" where he thanks contributors, he very clearly states, "I am solely responsible for any errors that mar this book."
A long winded review that takes Gaffney's 'Mystery plane' premise apart.

Even troofers regard Gaffney as a fraud and a liar. Quite the accomplishement!

A Critical Review of Mark Gaffney's 2008 Book:
"The 9/11 Mystery Plane & the Vanishing of America"
By: Craig Ranke
Citizen Investigation Team
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